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Whether it's an individual 1 on 1 lesson, a gift certificate, clinic or an on-course playing lesson, the Phillips Golf Academy can help you improve every aspect of your game.

Make sure your junior golfer learns proper fundamentals and techniques. Whether your junior is brand new to golf or building a sound, competitive tournament game, our junior lessons will help them achieve their goals.

The Jimmy Clay/Roy Kizer Golf Complex is one of the best golf facilities in Central Tx. 40-holes of golf and one of the largest ranges in town. We have been helping Austin area golfers at this wonderful facility since 2001. 

Gift Certificates available all year.

"There is no better way to make a golfer happy, than by making them a better golfer."

About The Phillips Golf Academy

At the Phillips Golf Academy in Austin, Texas, we specialize in helping golfers of all ages and abilities become better at the game they love. My name is Wes Phillips, and I've been providing golf lessons, packages, clinics, junior lessons, and playing lessons to 1000's of Austin area golfers since 2001. I'm sure we can help you achieve your golfing goals. Just let me know how I can help.

I was fortunate enough to have been asked to provide professional golf instruction for one of the best public golf facilities in Central Tx, the Jimmy Clay/Roy Kizer Golf Complex. It has been my home for the 30 plus years I've been in the golf industry and all of the years I've been teaching full time. This facility gives us access to everything we might need to improve anyone's game. From grinding on the range, to on-course work, to the mental aspects of the game, we can address any issue a golfer might need help with.


"Contact me in Austin, Texas, and we'll take your game to the next level."