Junior Golf

We accept junior golfers of all ages and skill levels. If they want to learn, they will.
Golf Ball - Kids' Golf

Next Level Junior Golf

The Next Level Junior Golf program was developed to not only teach young golfers how to improve their swings, but to prepare them for playing the game in competitive settings. Much of the instruction takes place on the new Joe Balander Short Course for situational instruction. Help your junior golfer learn:

   •  Practice with a Purpose
   •  Drills to Hone Skills
   •  Etiquette
   •  Put on a Game Face
   •  Basic Rules
   •  Procedures

One-on-One Lessons

One-on-one is without a doubt the best way to learn this complicated game. This is certainly a great option for junior golfers who are intent on playing their best golf and/or they prefer a quiet setting. My lesson packages make long-term help much more affordable. Lessons never expire. Schedule your child's lessons to match your availability and lifestyle. Lesson times are available Monday thru Saturday, sun up to sun down.

"Give your junior golfer a gift for a lifetime."