Golf Instruction


Our golf lessons come in many shapes and sizes. So, whether it's full swing or short game, the lessons will be tailored to fit the individuals needs and skills. From one-on-one to large group clinics, we can address any need you may have. The sessions start by discussing the student's present skill levels, including past athletics, previous instruction and most importantly, how the student feels about their golf swing and what type of instruction they desire. At that point, we come up with a plan for improvement. We will build consistency into every aspect of the game along the way.

Gift Certificates

There is no better way to make a golfer happy than to make them a better golfer. Turn someone you appreciate into a better golfer with one of our gift certificates. It can be a relative, a friend, an office mate, or even yourself. My gift certificates never expire.

Instructor with Golfer - Golfing Tips
       Lesson Packages

Lessons are available in packages of 3, 6 and 10hrs. Call or text for current pricing. The package of lessons gives the student a chance to commit to what they are doing as well as giving them a discounted price. The hours can be used in any increment the student would like including using 1.5 to 3 of the hours on the course if they so choose. The lessons never expire, so they will be there for you when you need them. With a series of three lessons, we find and devise a plan to begin to fix your issues and build up your skills. With a six-lesson package, you also enjoy instruction on the short game. We will make sure the fundamentals are in place for both chipping and putting.

For a more thorough experience the 10 package will allow us to continue fine tuning skills and the students understanding of the full swing issues we are dealing with. This will also give us time to address all other aspects of the game listed below.

   •  On-Course Work
   •  Dealing with Awkward Lies
   •  The Sand Game
   •  Course Management
   •  Scoring Wedges
   •  Mental Aspects

   •  Short Game Skills from All Areas


Full Swing Clinic

This one-hour clinic is open to golfers of every age and skill level. It is a full swing clinic where we work on the individual's swing issues. The clinic is priced at $20, including all the range balls you need. You must reserve you spot since the class will be closed when we have 8 people. The clinics are every Saturday from 11:15a.m. to 12:15 p.m., (subject to weather and seasonal range hours). Call or text (best), 512-576-5150, for more information or to reserve a spot.

Playing Lessons

This is a chance to see what goes on when the student actually plays the game. We talk about course management, discover where there are weaknesses in the student's game, and talk about shots we can't recreate on the practice tee. Most importantly, the instructor gets a first hand look at the student's game, rather than the student's perception of his game. These lessons are typically for one and a half to three hours, whatever best fits your needs and budget.

"Building consistency into every aspect of your game."